Word of the Year

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

I heard about the idea of picking a word for the coming year instead of making resolutions. The possibilities are endless, and it really does help you set an intention for the new year. You can even create a vision board that has pictures and quotes to further inspire you. What is your word for the new year?


2019 was a difficult year for me. It was a year of learning, loss, and growth. I have sown seeds, watered soil with my tears, and seen early sprouts erupt. I think it is appropriate that BLOOM is my word for 2020.

This year I want to focus on blooming in all areas of my life. None of us know how much time we have here on earth. Last year made me painfully aware of that fact. I want to live full out and honor friends who are not here this year.

That means more art, more writing, and more passion in all of those things. It also means me kicking things to the next level and being more bold. I am writing a science fantasy novel! I am going to work on taking that to the next level as well.

Word Ideas

I challenge you to pick a word that resonates with you for 2020. Concentrate on how you want to feel more than what you want to do or get in the coming year. Need some ideas? Here are a few words to get you started.

Word of the Year Ideas

Vision Board

If you do decide to do a vision board, you can do one with a computer layout program, or do it the old fashioned cut and paste way. You can print it, or make it the background on your computer. Two great sites to find free pictures are Pexels and Unsplash. If you want to make a free online vision board (and lots of other cool things) check out Canva. Even if you have design software, it is a good resource for finding the dimensions of the various social media backgrounds, stories, ads, etc.

Take some quiet time to reflect on your word for the new year. How do you want to feel at the end of 2020? What do you most need this year? Then have fun with it! This is so much better than making resolutions!

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