Ten Things of Thankful—October 2020

Gratitude is important. I want to be more intentional about expressing thanks for my blessings. I am hoping to make this a monthly feature. What are you grateful for this month?

I am grateful for:

1. The beautiful autumn colors. 2. My gift of photography. 3. Friends who cleaned and restrung my guitars. 4. No damage from Zeta's remnants blowing through on Thursday. 5. Finding new food for my cats to help their allergies. 6. A strong start on Medium and writing that continues to improve. 7. A new Instant Pot, so I can cook more. 8. A refund on a lawnmower I wasn't able to use. 9. The ability to learn and grow. 10. Music. And I'm setting an intention to play my instruments in November.

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