In quiet places,

I feel you near.

As night draws close,

And I begin to fear

What awaits me in

The darkest night.

You calm my soul.

You ease my fright.

And stay with me 

Until morning's light.


Pursuing me.

I run to you.

You chase them away.

I cover myself

With your love.

And for now,

It is enough.

Rain falls

In empty spaces.

Lost and alone

I search for you.

There is no sun.

There is no light.

All is lost.

All is lost.

Broken pieces.

A shattered life.

I see you in the mirror.

Unrecognizable now.

Did I really know you?

Or was it just a dream?

Fragile soul,

Tender heart.

Trusting, seeking,

Reaching out.

Rejection, heartache,

Alone again.

Regret, acceptance,

I try to forget.

© 2021 Lisa Beth Wright